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STEM For Life


ION Public Schools will provide a challenging learning environment in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math to all students along with the instructional building blocks to develop lifelong learners. Students will become critical thinkers and problem solvers who work collaboratively to innovate and improvise as they tread into the 21st century. An engaging learning environment will promote student leaders who are capable of making evidence-based decisions and develop multiple solutions for complex real-world situations.  

Girl Reading

English Language Arts

Our ELA classes will endow students with proper reading, writing, listening, and speaking foundational skills. In addition to HMH and accelerating reader implementation, students will have access to IREAD, a digital foundational reading program to close the achievement gap early and place all K-2 students on a predictable path to reading proficiently by Grade 3, Raz-Kids, an online resource that provides a library of differentiated books at multiple levels of difficulty, and Red Ink, a website designed to help students learn and practice essential elements of English grammar and understand important elements of good writing.

A Girl in a Classroom


STEMscopes™ will be at the heart of ION Public Schools' science classes to provide access to a comprehensive scientific curriculum and hands-on activities. It will allow students access to online materials at home to complement their in-class learning experience, as well as their time in the science lab.

Female Student


Mathematics classes will follow the HMH core curriculum and state standards while being supplemented by innovative programs. ION Public Schools will use GoMath, primary research for teaching at state standards, ALEKS PPL, to accurately measure the student’s math foundation and create personalized learning modules, DreamBox, a PreK-8 math solution program driven by technology, and SumDog, an adaptive online program designed to address individual student needs.


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Social Studies

Our social studies curriculum will be supplemented by the Studies Weekly social studies curriculum which will allow access to grade level specific material about our nation and state via magazines and newsletters. Additionally, students will have access to Kids.Gov, now located at, for access to information about state, national, and world topics.


Extracurricular Offerings

Our extracurricular offerings will be a part of academic life and serve as complements to enhance our core curriculum. Music, fine arts, physical education, technology & innovation, and theatre courses will provide additional learning experiences to students, giving them well-rounded educational development during K-5 education. Additionally, these activities will work in tandem with our efforts to encourage parental involvement through programs that will showcase the students’ extracurricular work.

Chalkboard with Different Languages

Exploratory Lanaguages

Preparing for an ever globalized society is something we believe should begin at an early stage in life. Our Exploratory Languages offerings will do that in order to expose students to other languages and cultures. This curriculum will be made available to the grade 3-5 population and will focus on Spanish language and culture.

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